Why stay the winter in Alanya ?

¤ Sunny and warm
Alanya and the Turkish Mediterranean coast enjoys one of Europes best climate. Instead of snow, icy roads, high electricity bills, you can live in a modern and fully equipped studios and 2 or 3 rooms apartment with balcony at very favourable rent. You can spend your longtime holiday in a pleasant climate with average daytime temperatures from 12 till 25 degrees and more in daytime and with all year swimming temperatures.

¤ Inexpensive living
In Alanya the cost of living is only a fraction of what it cost at home. To rent an apartment is affordable even on a minimum pension. For example a dinner buffe  with several hot dishes, cold dishes, lots of vegetables, desserts, cakes, coffe, juice etc. You can eat as much as you like for Lira 23,-, appr. 7,30 euro. People, making their own food, will find a large assortment of food and nonfood products in the supermarked at a low price. If you want to renew your wardrobe,  need dental treatment  or want new glasses, you will find a large asssortment, good quality and low prices. To shop is favourable in the low season as the prices are lower due to less customers than in  the high season, and you can do a very good bargain.

¤ The good life
A 87 year old pensioner told me that staying in the mediterranean climate in the winter during the last 15 years, had prolonged his life with minimum 6 – 7 years, giving him the opportunity of a more active and social life. The Turks are friendly and hospitable and the low season offer a more relaxed way of life. Modern health centers of good standard are easily accessible and we are cooperating with the modern Baskent University Hospital.

¤ Social activities
In our apartmenthotels you will meet other seniors and we will, in cooperation with our guests, arrange activities, events and tours.

¤ Safe and and secure
We offer help and support in the process of choosing and booking hotel. We can also assist in deciding on date of travel as well as arranging transfer from the airport to your apartment. During your whole stay, we are accessible if you need any help or assistance. You will also be accquainted with the other guests as we will have activities, arrangements and entertainment for our guests. When your holiday has come to an end, we can bring you from the hotel to the airport.

¤ Tours and excursions of special interesst.
We will arrange tours to concerts, to special events and to spectacular experiences like tours to the fantastic rock formation of Cappadokia and other interesting places.

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